Saturday, 18 August 2012

AK47 Summer Spearhead Footnote

Now that I've wrapped up the AK47 operation for the immediate future, I thought I'd add a parting shot to give me something to return to once the dust has settled and I'm back at work. In the old, or as I prefer to think of them the 'vintage' version of the AK47 rules, you are allowed to have a bonus unarmed militia unit in addition to the five core elements of your force.

The purpose of this otherwise useless unit is to hop onto the table as a late reinforcement toward the end of the game and, when your opponent is busy stonking what he thinks is your mainforce objective, to sneak up and occupy some peripheral bit of the table that he's conveniently forgotten to cover. However, as they have no firepower what-so-ever and rout on the loss of one morale point, they're usually a total waste of time.

On the other hand...

The army of the Unified Kingdom of Bagombo might feature one such potential 'militia' unit. The ruler of Bagombo, His Royal Highness King Mtosi III, retains an extensive herd of the finest pedigree long horn cattle as a traditional symbol of his wealth, power and largesse. The Bull of Bagombo is a cultural symbol of great significance amongst the people of Bagombo, especially in the ritual preparations for war.


...if I can find a suitable range of African long horn cattle in 15mm, my 'militia' unit will consist of a herd of the beasts, with three 'mounted' figures per 30mm x 40mm base. This mighty bovine bulldozer will stampede it's way across the table to squish enemy units under foot and proceed to occupy (and chew) the juicy objective that my opponent has left untended.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

(any suggestions for suitable figures will receive the royal approbation of His Highness, King Mtosi III and an honourable mention in the Bunga Bunga column of the Gombo Gazette)


  1. I would have though Irregular would provide the basics, but may need extra work.

  2. Yes, either FAN8 or FAN20 from Irregular's 15mm range would work.