Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Scene UK Summer Sale

The nice chap who runs The Scene UK has a 20% off Summer Sale on at the moment. I snapped up some LCVP's and swamp boats for AK47 to add to the three or four river boats that I already have in the spares box. These were left over from the Mbote amphibious force, which was big enough already without adding any more resin to the fleet. I have a diecast hovercraft knocking about as well somewhere! 

I'll use the four new LCVP's as transport for the regulars in the Bagombo army, taking the place of the Bulldog carriers, with the river boats standing in as floating armoured car substitutes. I may also strip down one or two of the river boats and use them for fire support with mortars on the decks. The swamp boats will probably be used to transport the professional units, as it only has four bases and that seems like a reasonable load out for two or three of them.

Yet more stuff to pile up on the doorstep for when I get back from the holidays!

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