Sunday, 26 August 2012

BKC Aegean Campaign Update

The umpire in the club BKC campaign has sorted the results of the Turn Four orders and the Italians under command of General Gorgonzola will be going into action for the first time. As part of my orders, I've dispatched a landing force to the island of Mikonos but it seems that another player has had the same idea. Unfortunately, he's on the other side, so it'll be a race to see who hits the beach first and who gets kicked back into the sea.

I won't reveal the details of the forces I have dispatched but most of them are ready for action, although I need to finish off the basing and paint up a couple of HQ bases too. The force overall is quite compact but has some handy assets in support, so should have a fair chance of success depending on what gets thrown at them by the allies. I haven't played BKC for ages, however, so it'll be a very steep learning curve! The game won't happen until later next month so at least I'll have some time to brush up on the rules.

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