Tuesday, 18 November 2014

15mm GZG Grav Tanks

How cool is that!

Work is a "%*^$ at the moment, with loads of stress and a mountains of marking to plough through. From many years of bitter experience I have a 9.00 pm cut-off point for schoolwork, after which the rest of the evening is my own, thereby preserving what's left of my fragile sanity. This is also the time when, to cheer myself up, I make those all important shopping therapy purchases. A dangerous but morale boosting pursuit, no less.

This evening, it's a couple of super cool GZG grav tanks for the UNSC/L force, which will be a high-tech, hard, sci-fi style army in whatever far flung universe that I decide to deploy them in. You can't get any more high tech than anti-grav vehicles and rail guns, which reminds me very much of trying to play Striker! when I was at school, so these floating contraptions will be perfect as armoured support for the PBI...

...why walk, when you can float in an anti-gravitational, ground effect vehicle, physical laws of the universe challenging way?

(it also reminds me that I really should do the other half of the 6mm Iron Cow project at some point)


  1. looking at the barrel, that railgun is using napoleonic style cannonballs for ammo :-)

  2. Lucky there's some alternative barrels provided!


  3. They arrived today...must have been an anti-grav postie!

    Lovely kits!