Thursday, 13 November 2014

Britain's Small Wars in Foreign Fields

I've been thinking about the possibilities for an alternative Cold War era setting using Some Corner of a Foreign Field or possibly No End in Sight. As I don't want to touch anything too modern, this seemed like a good alternative to Afghanistan, Iraq or Somalia. I thought about Radfan, Aden, Oman and various other dusty flea-bitten locations but keep coming back to Malaya, Indonesia and Borneo as the post-colonial small wars of choice. 

I'd thought about Malaya and Borneo before but in 28mm, so it's a simple step down to 15mm using the re-sculpted Peter Pig AK47 professionals as the good guys, with only a squad or two of individually based figures required. I'm not sure about the opposition yet but I'm sure there's some suitable figures that I can use in the AK47 range, even if a headswap and some greenstuff might have to be deployed. The small number of figures required means that I can even have a unit made up of individual poses.

This will require a bit more background reading up so I've loaded the Kindle with some useful reference material. I already have some 15mm jungle huts in the bits box for the mothballed IABSM Burma project and plenty of scenic gubbins stashed away for jungle construction. I'll be picking up some of the AK47 figures at Warfare on Saturday, together with some other goodies on the shopping list, so yet another mini-project has now got a very small outside chance of being realised!

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