Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Prussian Screw Gunboats!

I'm a bit busy at the moment but have dipped into Bismarck's First War in search of some scenario ideas beyond the Battle of Rugen / Jasmund. On April 14th 1864, the Prussian 3rd Gunboat Division, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Arendt, had...

'..a brief skirnish with Tordenskjold and the steamer Geyser, Commander Jacobsen (567 tons, two smoothbore 60 pounders, two rifled 18 pounders, 9 knots). the gunboats fired some 20 rounds without effect and, as Geyser closed the range, they withdraw. The Danish ships did not open fire.'

Another fascinating 'what if' that will allow me to add another half a dozen of the very cool screw gunboats to the Prussian Baltic squadron, even if the outcome might be fairly one sided. The side wheeler Geyser might be a bit of a problem but I'm sure I can find something to stand to use as a suitable model.

I've also received a small but timely order from Tumbling Dice which includes a set of Imperial German and Danish ensigns that I'll use to identify the opposing forces. I'm not sure if the Imperial German ensign is correct but it will definately look the part!

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