Sunday, 2 November 2014

Prussian Baltic Flotilla 1864

Here's the first half of the Rugen / Jasmund mini-project ready for painting. The back row consists of the screw corvettes Nymphe and Arcona (with spars made from cut down staples), the steam paddleboat Lorelei and the first class gunboat Comet, all pinched from the closest models I could find in the Tumbling Dice range. I've had to do some fiddling around but I think they look the part.

Lorelei and Nymphe
To the fore are the five second class screw gunboats, the Hay, Hyane,Wespe, Scorpion and Pfeil, using the very nice Tumbling Dice generic screw gunboat model. These really are lovely. I've also started to paint up the 1/600th coastal forces E boats but these may well have to wait while I crack on with the 1/2400th scale Danish and Prussian ships over the next few days.

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