Monday, 3 November 2014

Rugen 1864 Update

It was back to work today so things have been a bit hectic. As a result, I've only managed to re-base the Prussians on some ERM laser cut mdf rectangles, which I decided to do to make movement and the firing arcs a little less complicated. The bases are a bit wide but that will allow me to add some texturing to blend in the metal bases and to add some labels, so that the ships can be easily identified.

The Skjold
The Sjaelland
The Tordenskjold
I've also sorted out the Danish squadron, which I'll assemble and rig once the Prussians are out of the way. The Danes definately have the edge over the Prussians, although they have a slight disadvantage in terms of speed, especially with the sedate pace of the Skjold. It will be interesting to see how the lightly armed but more nimble Prussian gunboats and corvettes stand up to the heavier but slower opposition?

I don't fancy Von Jachmann's chances...!

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