Saturday, 15 November 2014

Warfare 2014 Pirates v Dinosaurs!


It was a bit of a slog getting to Warfare 2014 today as the first and last part of the rail journey was by sweaty replacement bus service. It took a little longer to get there but, as expected, it was definately worth it. The club participation game went down a storm and, despite being tucked away right at the back of the hall, it had a regular flow of interested punters all day. 

I took my boys along for the trip and they had a great time, taking part in two games and helping to run a game as well. Pirate hats off to Alan, Colin and Ceasar, who kept the game flowing and made it a real hit with the players. If you're visiting the show tomorrow, please pop by for a chat with the chaps and maybe even take part in a game or two!

(apologies for the dodgy mobile photos...I forgot the camera!)


  1. Nice one :)
    Good to hear it went well!
    Alan looks quite at home in that hat...

  2. I think he took it home....


  3. Looks like a wonderful game!

  4. We stopped by and watched the pirate game for a bit, it looked fantastic. Sadly we didn't have a chance to stop and play

  5. This really looks like a fun game.

  6. Pirates versus Dinosaurs, what's not to like? Absolutely wonderful!

  7. Nice pics Jim. I left the hat for Sundays crew, hope they had as good a time as Colin,Ceasar,yuorself and I did.

  8. Looks good, although I liked that Kallistra terrain even more when you put the gravel around some of the edges previously. How much hex terrain is that by the way? One standard box or more, plus the hills?

  9. We got best participation game Woohoo!
    Was a good game. I think we fitted ib 6 games today. Busy, busy, busy.

  10. 6 games...blimey!!

    A well deserved win...especially for the rules writing and playtesting team.