Monday, 17 November 2014

Lion Rampant Rulebook

Having failed to locate a copy of this at Warfare this weekend, I decided to find one on Ebay, just so that I can flip through the pages without having to use the Kindle. There's something tangible about a paper copy of a ruleset that makes it an essential adjunct to a game, even though I already have a digital copy. The Kindle is great for reading in bed, on holiday or on the M'khazi, but not so good when you're playing an actual game?

I'd love to get this project off the ground next year, using my pile of 15mm Peter Pig War of the Roses figures for a couple of rival retinues, but it's a long way down the immediate list of things to do. I really like the 'flavour' of the rules, which I've read through a few times and have heard only positive comments about, so it is definately something to put on the 'small scale skirmish' list for 2015.

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  1. I'll have to look into these. I know what you mean about having a physical copy of a rules set in your hands when gaming. I have Sharp Practice on my Kindle in pdf and hardcopy, and always use the paper version for gaming.