Thursday, 12 May 2016

Achtung Gringo

I now have a copy of these fast play rules for the Mexican Revolution which are based on the Crush the Kaiser First World War system. I haven't had a decent read through yet but they look pretty solid and have some useful army lists and unit organisation details that could be useful for Contemptible Little Armies. These are my first choice for rules but the Achtung Gringo alternative does look really interesting too.

The rules are for battalion to regimental sized games, with a battalion of two or four ten to twelve man companies for infantry or four or so squadrons of cavalry, each of around nine men, although the exact sizes vary between the different factions. The figures are individually based, so very much in the same organisational style and level as Contemptible Little Armies. It's a shame there aren't any scenarios included as these would also be really useful for both rulesets.

The rules are pretty comprehensive and cover all of the usual aspects as well as some specialised things like dynamite, naval artillery, native weapons, trains, demolitions and aircraft. There are also rules for 'random stuff' using Fortune Cards and some hypothetical 'what if' rules for a German intervention. I think they could be really good fun and they certainly seem to have captured the Mexican Revolution vibe, whatever that means.


  1. Have you decided where to source your figures yet?

  2. Err...not quite. Bit of a problem with that?