Tuesday, 17 May 2016

AK47 Flatbed AAA Militia Truck

I've had a great day, spending three hours in casualty with the top sprog who decided to slice open his hand yesterday while snowboarding at the dry ski slope, so I'm less than happy. The work has piled up again as well, so it's a case of fitting in whatever wargaming stuff I can, often in a late night or last minute sessions at the workbench. I have lots of things to do, including some more 28mm desert terrain pieces using some bark pieces I've found, but no time to do them in!

Anyway, today I  prepared a slap up fish and chip tea for the kids,  a slow cooked Spanish chorizo and chicken casserole for the lady wife and, at the same time, cooked up this diecast AAA flatbed guntruck from an old Majorette Saviem lorry toy. The .50 cal quad AAA gun is the last of the ones I have from The Scene, with the gun mountings turned upside down as I think it looks better than way.

I have another couple of technical vehicles to add before I do some painting at the weekend, either of the AK47 vehicles or of the Back of Beyond Chinese Warlord bodyguard unit. I've been signed up as a car parking volunteer for the Scouts this Saturday, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get much done, but its half term soon so I'm planning to blitz some stuff then, when I have more free time.

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  1. Now that was a productive evening, bravo Sir.