Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bag the Hun VVS Victory!

I ran a very enjoyable game of Bag the Hun this evening, using the beginner scenario from the rules - Bandits - with four Soviet La7's against an equal number of German Fw190D's, somewhere over the Baltic in early 1945. A roughly even set up, so it was all down to tactics and the luck of the dice.

This turned out to be a good laugh, mainly due to the Luftwaffe pilot's impressive if slightly less than tactical formation flying, in circles around and then in perfect side by side formation with their Russian opposite numbers. It won Jerry a bonus Victory Point which made up for some terrible dice rolls later on!

The Soviets also pulled off some impressive manoeuvres including a very nice echelon formation, which appeared in mid-dogfight as if by magic. It was a definite victory for the VVS, however, with one Focke Wulf shot down and three escaping to fight another day, for no loss to the Motherland.

Za Rodinu!

* apologies for the dodgy photos - the camera is completely knackered :O(


  1. Nice looking hairyplanes there Jim; shame I couldn't be there :(

  2. Superb looking aircraft :)

  3. Thanks chaps,

    I'll have to run a game for you at some point Colin!