Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Five Men at Kursk

A special offer on these Nordic Weasel skirmish rules this week, so another direction in which to take my on-going search for a good set of WW2 skirmish rules other than Bolt Action or Chain of Command. I really like Ivan Sorenson's approach and have been thinking of scaling down my WW2 focus to squad rather than platoon level, so this is very much up my street. Only £5.75 as well, which isn't bad for over one hundred pages of well-designed, comprehensive yet playable skirmish rules.


  1. I highly recommend the whole 5Core family. Used them a couple of weeks ago. Great!

  2. Another set of rules I've got and not played ... ho-hum!

  3. Appreciate the plug.

    I find that the squad+ level is perfect for campaign play, where you can get that "band of brothers" feel to your game.