Sunday, 15 May 2016

AK47 Militia Gun Trucks

I have had a very unproductive day today, despite my best intentions to get some painting started on the Back of Beyond Chinese Warlord figures, largely due to an over long cricket match with the sprog this morning, followed by the weekly shopping this afternoon. Instead, I have added a couple more technical vehicles to the AK47 Superpower Backed army, using a half painted Maisto die-cast truck and a spare Peter Pig Toyota pick up. The third of the trucks was one I started ages ago.

The Maisto truck has a very nice quad .50 cal AAA mounting in the flatbed which is from The Scene while the Toyota just has a couple of Peter Pig pintle mounted .50 cal heavy machine guns. Why do I need more technicals? I have several with RCL's mounted on the back but, as you're only allowed two per unit I've been stretched to deploy more than two or three militia units in recent games, with the technicals being spread far too thinly to be effective. 

As I only have a militia mortar unit and one militia S/A unit, this makes it difficult to have sufficient flexibility and choice when it comes to army design. The extra technicals should go some way to sort this out but I really need another S/A infantry unit, heavy weapons and some transport to fix it long term. I'd rather set up a whole new army rather than add yet more bits to the ones I have, so these two are a bit of a quick fix. They're also fun to convert and paint!


  1. I have only just come across this blog and boy have I missed out. Great work, the AK47 stuff is brilliant. Looking forward to reading through the past posts.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard,

    AK47 is great fun, especially if you like to make stuff up!

    1. Yes I am currently in the early stages of a fictional Central American country called Costa Verde with drug gangs, archaeologists and treasure hunters, border disputes and anything else I feel like. Sort of playing a Clive Cussler novel :-)