Sunday, 1 May 2016

Normandy Firefight Bargain Basement

Three Quid!!!

A quick heads up that over on the Northstar website in the Bargain Basement, the Normandy Firefight rules for 1/35th and 1/32nd scale skirmish games are now on sale at a very, very good price of only three quid! I have a dormant Normandy Firefight project gathering dust along with a stack of 1/35th Tamiya, Dragon and Italeri kits, not to mention the vintage 1/32nd Airfix multipose collection, so I am clearly a fan of the concept behind these rules. They're written by Warwick Kinrade too, so you'll get a solid and well designed system with some original and interesting ideas. I'm tempted to get another copy of the rules just so that I can give one away to anyone at the club with a passing interest in large scale skirmish gaming!


  1. I've already got a copy of these rules, but no figures, terrain, etc. If you make any progress on this project, I'll be more than happy to give you an opponent to beat

  2. Cool. I was thinking of gluing some 1/35th scale figures together at some point - only three or so (x3) - but only if someone else was interested in a game.