Sunday, 1 May 2016

Back of Beyond Terrain Bits [3]

The whole of today was spent watching rugby, including a  training session for the boys and a very exciting match between London Irish and Harlequins in Reading. As a result, I've only had an hour or so this evening to do wargaming things, so decided to finish off the North African desert compound that I assembled last week. This involved some wet brushing and dry brushing, followed by an overall wash in dilute GW Gryphon Sepia ink, which is still wet as you can see in the picture. I'll add a few more bits of scatter to the building later including some pots, a woodpile and whatever ekse I can think of to clutter it up a bit. I have another very nice North African building to glue together, this time from Lasercraft Arts, so I'll soon have enough to replace the very old scratch built adobe hut that has been the only Back of Beyond building in my scenery collection for far too long.


  1. I think that qualifies as a wonderful success.

  2. Really nice building!


  3. Beautiful building, great addition!

  4. Thanks's a really nice kit and good value for £16.

  5. Excellent!
    What have You use for putting as adobe plaster?