Monday, 9 May 2016

NEWSFLASH - DuDu claims landslide victory in presidential elections (ZTV)

From our Zubuto TV correspondent in Mpangi

In the snap presidential elections held this weekend, President for Life of Zubuto, Dr Depe DuDu, has claimed an overwhelming landslide victory. Although results are still coming in from outlying tribal regions, the government has declared that 102.6 % of the electorate have voted to retain Dr DuDu as President for Life of Zubuto and Commander in Chief of the Zubuto Army of the People (ZAP).

The news of this landslide victory was greeted with spontaneous outbursts of celebration in the streets of Mpangi, where jubilant crowds burned tyres and set fire to cars in tribute to their esteemed and ever popular leader. The happy carnival atmosphere was later heightened by a firework display kindly organised by security units of the Zubuto Internal Police Force (ZIP).

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