Monday, 30 May 2016

Commando Miniatures

I was looking for some 28mm modern figures, specifically for Britain's Small Wars in the Middle East in the 1960's, when I re-discovered the Commando Miniatures range yesterday. I had seen these when they first came out a couple of years ago but, at that point they only had the British, so I moved on in my search to 15mm, using Peter Pig AK47 professional figures as a starting point but with a bit of a blank for the bad guys.

Now, the range has expanded to include Indonesian para-commandos, generic Middle Eastern Arab irregulars and also South Arabian tribesmen for Aden and the Radfan. They also look like they might match up quite well with the old Inkerman Castings range (ooh, that Saracen!!). The range also includes a very neat little Ferret scout car and a FLOB, Forward Locality Base, complete with bunkers and sandbag walls.

This has opened up all sorts of possibilities for 28mm skirmish gaming using both my growing collection of desert terrain and the jungle village that I built last year using the Sarrissa Precision kits, which has been sitting in a box ever since. I could do both the Indonesian Confrontation and Aden, although I really fancy scratch building some jungle after all the desert stuff I've been doing, so Borneo would be a refreshing change!



  1. Interested in seeing what rules you use_ I have a reasonable number of Brits and Indos but not used them much yet

  2. Now if you do Borneo, I could steal some ideas about Jungle terrain! I couldn't make the Command Miniatures page load this morning, but will try again later as it reminded me that someone was going to do a 'not' Wild Geese collection - now there would be a wonderful distraction.