Monday, 1 March 2010

BKC2 France 1940

I've got a game of BKC2 on Tuesday at the club so I've dug out my French and have tried to work out how to organise them. I had an orbat sorted out for BKC a long time ago but I've managed to lose it.

So, with the help of the chaps on the BKC forum, here's what I'll be fielding tomorrow, depending on the scenario we use:

1 CO

1 Infantry Battalion: HQ / 12 x Infantry / 4 x HMG's / 1 x Mortar / 1 x 25mm AT gun

1 Recce Platoon: 1 Motorcycle Recce

1 AT company: HQ / 2 x 47mm ATG / 2 Lorraine Carriers

1 Attached Tank Company: HQ / 3 x Char B1bis

1 Artillery Battery: FOO / 2 x 105mm Howitzers / 12 HE Asset / 4 Smoke Assets

1 Bomber: LeO 451 / 3 x Ground Attack Assets

Total points = 2070

I may swap out the bomber and replace it with a fourth Char B1, although this would break the special rule about tank allocation.

The bomber, which is a nice diecast model I picked up in France will probably get shot down or fail to turn up but it's a shame not to use it!


  1. I don't think my LeO has ever done anything useful... though I do prefer the Somua to the B1Bis.

    A few pictures on my old site - Jan / Feb / March painting diary...

  2. Good stuff!

    Unfortuneatly, I've now got an Ofsted inspection on Wednesday and Thursday which means I've had to postpone my game...bugger!