Thursday, 10 June 2010

Ambush at Corfe Castle Postponed

Unfortunately, Jon can't make the planned game next week due to transport problems, so we've had to postpone it until later in the month.

However, this will give me more time to get the terrain bits and bobs done, including some road sections and possibly some river sections, together with a few walls and hedges. The modular road and river sections will be made out of hardboard textured with a PVA / filler / sand mix then painted and flocked.

They'll be pretty generic so will be useful for all sorts of other things including skirmishes in various recent and not so recent wars. I have a lot of Redoubt figures stashed away for the ACW as well as Late War British and Americans for WW2, so that's two projects that would benefit to start with, along with my existing Back of Beyond stuff.

The Red Militia have come to a grinding halt this week due to work commitments but I'm hoping to start on them this evening, if only the first installment. I'm going to split the force in two and begin with the figures that I've already based and undercoated with a few extras, before moving on to the second installment if I get the time. That way, at least half will get done by the end of the month.

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