Friday, 4 June 2010

Back Again

We got back from France today after a very enjoyable trip.

We spent three days in Paris and then stopped overnight on the way back in Cassel near St Omer. The hotel we stayed in was used by Foch, Haig and King George V in 1916 and 1917, believe it or not. We also visited La Coupole on the way back which was very interesting and very well done.

I didn't get to do any wargames related shopping this time, although I did get a copy of Vae Victis and Aero Journal, together with a copy of Champs de Bataille covering the Norwegian Campaign, so the library is well stocked for the moment.

When I got back I also found two packages from North Star, one with the Artizan bobbies and the other with the North Star SCW International Brigade figures.

I've yet to decide what I'm going to do with the latter as the Red Workers Militia is getting steadily bigger and thus less manageable as the extra reinforcements gradually filter through the postal system. An email from Musketeer has also arrived to say the long overdue VBCW Workers Militia and IRA figures are on the way, so there may well be some selections made of the figures in the pile to pick the best of the bunch.

So, with only a couple of days of holiday left, I'm going to put the Reds to one side until the Musketeer figures arrive. I'll then be able to sit back and get the whole lot organised into it's component units, once and for all.

In the meantime, I'm going to clean up, base, undercoat and paint the Artizan bobbies as an auxiliary police unit for the BUF. I'm also going to do a paint conversion on one of the Empress Soviet advisor figures to turn him into an extra officer for the blackshirts.

I can then start painting the Reds up as the project for June, which means the MiG Alley stuff will be pushed further up the schedule yet again to make room.

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  1. Welcome back Jims.Sounds like the commies are growing at quite a rate. I've also order those North Star SCW figures useful for lots of things I reckon.

    Cheers Jon