Friday, 11 June 2010

Malayan Emergency

I've been reading The War of the Running Dogs over the last few days and although it's interesting as a political history of the Malayan Emergency, it isn't as informative when it comes to the military side of the campaign.

As a result, I was really pleased to find a hardback copy of Jungle Green by Major Arthur Campbell in the local Oxfam bookshop this afternoon. It looks like a very interesting read and clearly focuses on the jungle bashing side of the conflict, from the perspective of the average national serviceman rather than from the top down.

If I do have a crack at this it's probably going to be in 28mm with the new Inkerman Castings range of figures, although 20mm or 15mm would also be good options. In 20mm there's no shortage of figures or terrain, as I suspect Liberation Miniatures, Platoon 20 or the like would provide suitable figures for both sides, not to mention good old Airfix and HaT.

In 15mm, it's a bit less straightforward, especially as I have a leaning towards Peter Pig rather than other manufacturers. The British could be assembled from the WW2 Burma range together with some stuff from AK47. The CT's are less straightforward and would need to be converted from a mixture of AK47, USMC and whatever else I could cut and shut into a reasonable likeness of the average communist cadre.

Perhaps 28mm is the best option after all?

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  1. Jim,
    the communists used loads of WW2 Japanese stuff. Peter Pigs WW2 Japanese in kepi would work pretty well in 15mm for the communists. some of the AK-47 figures in kepi might work too.

    Cheers Jon