Thursday, 24 June 2010


The Napoleonic naval game the other day has got me thinking about naval gaming again, with the inevitable result that I picked up (yet another) set of rules in .pdf format today. The rules in question are Tsushima by A and A Game Engineering.

I've played a game using them before at the club, in fact a replay of Tsushima in 1/3000th scale, so I know they're a good set of fast play rules for the pre-dreadnought period. Anyway, they've been added to the collection and may yet be used as the basis of a small project at some point in the future.

In the meantime, I have several existing naval gaming projects in the leadpile, with the 1/2400th scale Tumbling Dice ironclads being top of the list, followed closely by the 1/600th scale coastal warfare collection and the ACW ironclads in the same scale. I could tackle one of them once the VBCW Reds are finished in a couple of weeks.

It would be nice to do something other than 28mm figures for a change too, especially if it was relatively simple to do, which is the big advantage of painting naval miniatures.


  1. Hey Jim, how about trying the Battle of the Yellow Sea? I have the ships, you now have a chance to study the rules......


  2. That would be excellent.

    Thanks Dave