Monday, 28 June 2010

Cornish Weekend

We went down to sunny Cornwall for the weekend to see my Dad for his birthday, which is why there have been no posts over the last couple of days. It was a very nice break and I managed to pick up some good books including a paper back copy of Hunting Terrorists in the Jungle by John Chynoweth, which I've already started to read. Despite the rather clunky, if apt, title, it reads well and has a lot of useful information about jungle warfare duirng the Malayan Emergency.

On Friday, the Imperial Roman Starter Army arrived as well, so I now have a ton of plastic legionaries and auxilliaries to stick together at some point. For the moment, they've been consigned to the shelves above my desk as I have more than enough to get through including finishing off the Red Workers Militia and preparing some figures or models to paint in Enrichment Week.

I'm still deciding what to do for this but have narrowed down the options to:

1. The 28mm Japanese Back of Beyond army
2. The 12mm ARVN
3. The 1/2400th Victorian Ironclads
4. The 1/600th MiG Alley planes.

The first two are half / three quarters finished while the last two would be started fresh, although the Mig Alley planes are ready to paint.

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  1. What part of Cornwal? My wife and I are from Newquay, orginally.