Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tumbling Dice Ironclads

I dug out the TD ironclads from the box last night and had a rummage through to see what I had for painting up over activity week. I have all the ships in the Sail and Steam range for both the British and the French, with sister ships for each vessel in the class, plus a few one off extras like merchantmen, gunboats and tugs.


As a result, I have plenty to choose from when it comes to assembling two squadrons for hypothetical channel actions. I don't plan to paint up all of them but will certainly include the big names on either side including, for example, the Magenta and Solferino for the French together with the Minotaur and her sisterships for the British.

The assembly instructions look pretty straightforward, so that shouldn't take too long. The painting guidelines included in each pack also look pretty simple so I'll give them a go, even though they're not the approach I might have taken, particularly the use of a brown / black ink wash.

I may get the time to do a trial run with one model beforehand to see how things work out. If not, it'll be in at the deep end.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this - good luck!

  2. I'll second that - and lots of progress pics please! :-)