Sunday, 13 June 2010

VBCW Red Workers Militia Progress

I've had a pretty busy weekend but have managed to get the Reds up and running once again, after a week of inactivity for various tedious reasons. I finished cleaning up, basing and undercoating the remaining new figures and have now got them up to speed with the others.

As you can see, this involved painting in the flesh tones on the last section worth of riflemen, the extra command figures and the LMG team. I also included the BUF commander figure in the picture, as he's being painted up alongside the milita. As he's actually a Soviet advisor figure with the red star filed off his cap, this seemed perfectly reasonable.

I've decided to slightly reduce the numbers for the Red Workers to speed things up and now have three eight man sections, two LMG's, an HMG and four figures in the command section. This organisation can obviously be shuffled about a bit and is quite flexible. I've also removed the armoured lorry, which will possibly end up with another unit of some sort.

Over the coming week I'm hoping to make much better progress than in recent days, so that the figures will start to look more like colourful anarcho-syndicalist revolutionaries and less like pigeon fancying northern ninjas.

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