Sunday, 6 June 2010

VBCW Police Painted

I did a rush job on the Artizan bobbies this evening and finished them off, apart from the bases, in a couple of hours. They're not as neatly done as the other figures I've painted recently but they'll do the job.

They're still a bit shiny despite a coat of satin varnish which usually tines things down nicely so I'll have to try something else to get them looking suitably matt. I may yet add some extra details including some stripes and armbands and will also be sorting out the bases tomorrow, if I get the time.

I think I need to paint something a little less monochrome next, otherwise I'm going to lose it.


  1. They look great! I get one step closer to starting a little force for VBCW everytime I visit this blog :) lovely miniatures and you've given them the paintjob they deserved!

  2. Thanks

    VBCW is great for 'colourful' little forces, especially if you go for a skirmish level set up.

    The Musketeer miltia figures are particularly VBCW and there's an HMG team coming out soon too, so I'd take the plunge and get some of them as they can be used for a whole range of factions, depending on what you want to do.