Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Malaya British Army PR Film

I found this while searching for something completely different today and thought it was pretty good as inspiration for gaming the Malayan Emergency. It's a bit cheesy but the various scenes are excellent for scenario ideas, terrain tips and painting shades.

AMBUSH reel 1 - British Pathe

AMBUSH reel 2 - British Pathe

It's was probably filmed in Brunei and based on an ambush in Borneo or Sarawak but it still good as inspiration, given the fact that much of the kit in the film was used in Malaya toward the end as well.


  1. A truly fantastic find there, Jim, thanks for posting it - I thought the 'acting' was nicely naturalistic, and brought across well the worldly cynicism of the average soldier - filmically (if I can use such a term) I thought the director did a stand-up job, and his work put a lot of full- scale Hollywood productions set in the Jungle to shame.
    Nice to see the tracker dogs, shotguns and Sterling SMGs to the fore, also an interesting few frames with the SLR-launched rifle grenades!

  2. It's a cracker isn't it. Loads of ideas for protential scenarios. I particularly liked the flying dog ;O)