Saturday, 5 June 2010

VBCW Auxiliary Police

I found the time to clean up, base and undercoat the six Artizan bobbies that I'm going to use as a small attached auxilliary police unit for the blackshirts.

There were originally going to be eight figures in the unit but the two with handguns turned up without barrels, having been loosely packed together with the other figures.

The five rifle armed constables and the revolver equipped sergeant will be reluctantly accompanying the BUF flying column on it's advance into the Isle of Purbeck but may well switch sides if things go the way of the local rebels.

I finished off the intial stage of painting with a 50:50 wash of GW Blue Ink and Black Ink, followed by a main shade of Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue. I thought about adding some sort of drybrush highlighting but, in the end, decided to keep things simple.

The next stage will be to paint in the flesh tones and the rifle stocks, before picking out minor details such as boots, belts and buttons.

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