Monday, 15 November 2010

The African Wars

I saw this advertised on TMP the other day and thought it would be a jolly good read, especially as it's the work of Chris Peers, one of my favourite rules writers. The offer at North Star looked too good to miss, so for a fiver less than the asking price I now have a hardback copy in my hands.

As with all Pen and Sword books it's very well presented and illustrated, with lots of interesting bits for me to work my way through.I'm hoping it'll kick start the Darkest Africa project again, as it's long overdue and I really should relieve the strain on the shelves above the workbench.

I'm pretty sure the accumulated leadpile is heading for a bit of a terminal avalanche fairly soon, if something fairly hefty isn't removed from the upper layers, so Darkest Africa is a prime candidate for clearance. That's another one for the 2011 list of things to do...

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