Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bag The Doodlebug [8]

After a very busy weekend, I managed to find a couple of hours this evening to finally get started on the aircraft for Bag The Doodlebug.

I haven't got time to hang about so, after a rummage in the spare paint box, I managed to find an old pot of Citadel Codex Grey to use as as stand-in for RAF Barley Grey. It's not the same as the GW version, being a bit lighter and with a slight green tinge, but it's close enough to the actual shade to be good enough for me.

This was followed up by a camouflage pattern in Vallejo Reflective Green, which is a little bit too bright but looks good against the grey. I struggled a bit with the Mustangs as I didn't have a plan view to work from but they seem to have come out OK. The next step will be to paint the under fuselage and wings in light grey, before taking the plunge and (possibly) trying out an overall wash.

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  1. Bag the Hun Rules?
    I have played those. Very interesting.