Monday, 1 November 2010

Bag The Hun 2 Bandits! Cards

I knocked up some cards for the BTH2 game this evening using the template that I produced for the various games of the original BTH that we've played at the club. They're pretty simple and were created in WORD to save time but I quite like them that way to be honest.

I did produce some flashy ones for a North Africa game a couple of years ago with profiles of the aircraft pinched from Wings Palette.  However this time round, I re-formatted the cards from a 'Channel Dash' Battle of Britain scenario that I wrote to keep things relatively straightforward. The originals can be found here:

I'm really looking forward to trying out the new rules at last and my Bf109F Trops! I'll take the camera along a write up an after action briefing tomorrow evening. It should be fast but fun, so we'll probably have time for a game and a re-match to fully road test the rules.


  1. Hi Jim, Check out my mates site with some things for Bag the hun.

    cheers Bill