Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bag The Doodlebug [5]

I finally cleared the decks and started on the aircraft for Bag The Doodlebug this evening. I have a shedload of work to get shifted at the moment, which means painting has taken a bit of a hit in the last week or so. As a result, I've decided to put off the larger Rapid Fire! project until the end of the month, leaving what time I have for the more manageable 1.285th scale planes.

As you can see, the intial line up consists of a V1, a Spitfire XIV, a Tempest V, a PR Mosquito and four Mustang III's. There are a couple more aircraft to clean up and base, in the shape of another Spit and Tempest, together with a few more V1's. I decided to splash out on the four No315 squadron Mustangs as I have plans to use them for other late war operations, whilst the lone Scotia Mosquito is a one off, just for fun.

I'll try to get the leftovers finished off tomorrow and the whole lot undercoated before end of the weekend.

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