Sunday, 21 November 2010

Rapid Fire! Reading List

I was fortunate enough to spot a second hand copy of this autobiographical account of the campaign in NWE, from the perspective of a junior officer in 18 platoon / 4th Somerset Light Infantry/ 129th Infantry Brigade, on a car boot sale table this morning. It was only £3 so I picked it up as background reading for the Rapid Fire! 5th DCLI project.

I'd heard about it before in various other general accounts of the 43rd Wessex Division in Normandy, Holland and Northern Germany, so I recognised it immediately. Although it only refers to the the 5th DCLI in passing it does cover all of the engagements that the three brigades of the 43rd Wessex Division were involved in, including Mont Pincon, Arnhem and Hoven, so it's all interesting stuff.

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