Monday, 8 November 2010

Pirate Gun Crew [7]

I finished off the bases on the extra crew figures this evening. It took longer than expected as the PVA glue decided not to dry very quickly due to the cold temperature in the garage. Nevertheless, they're now ready to join the rest of Black Jack Trelawney's shipmates and to play their part in the Legends of the High Seas game at the club tomorrow night.

As you can see I now have nineteen figures and a treausure chest, so plenty for the moment. I've just won a couple of Foundry pirate characters on ebay, including one with a rather fetching parrot, so they'll be painted up as and when. Now, however, it's on to the Valiant Tommies for Rapid Fire! I'm planning to get them cleaned up and based by the end of the week.

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