Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Rapid Fire Armour Support

I've been building up the reinforcements ready for the end of the month, when I'm planning to start on the Rapid Fire! 20mm WW2 project. The infantry are sorted, along with their transport and heavy weapons, so I've been focussing on the armour support.

I've already got some Armourfast Shermans to put together a regiment from the 8th Armoured Brigade, the most likely unit being the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Foresters), who supported the 5th DCLI throughout the Normandy Campaign.

The decals for this unit will be supplied by the excellent Dom's Decal range. Although they're designed for 15mm they are apparently fine for 1/72nd scale too:

I've also just picked up three resin Raventhorpe Churchill tanks which I could use for the 7th Royal Tank Regiment earlier in the Normandy campaign and, in particular, for Hill 112. They've got a few minor bits missing but are otherwise fine and with a decent paint up will look pretty good.

Incidentally, there's some rather good  Rapid Fire! stuff for the opposition over at Jon's blog, which is well worth a look:


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