Friday, 5 November 2010

Bag the Doodlebug [2]

I had a rummage in the box of 1/285th planes and found that I already have two Gloster Meteor F3's and a couple of V1 Flying Bombs that came with a 1946 Battle Pack that I bought from Raiden ages ago. I'd completely forgotten about them, so will add them to the new Raiden planes that I've ordered when they arrive.

Although the F3 is a bit late for the V1 interception role it's close enough to an F1 for me, the only real difference being in the shape of the canopy. If I can be bothered, I'll have a crack at re-shaping the bubble canopy into a side door type one but I think I'll probably just keep it as it is.

I'm hoping the other planes will arrive soon so that i can squeeze them in alongside the Rapid Fire! project which should be kicking off next week, once the pirates are finished. I'm planning to get them done over the weekend so that I can use them in the game against Jon's new pirate galleon on Tuesday.

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