Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bag The Hun Hurricane Decals

A while back, actually way back in February, I posted some pictures of my 1/285th scale Raiden Hurricanes that I'd painted up for the original Bag The Hun rules. I also explained that, having checked the squadron codes I discovered that they were wrong.

I'd used the otherwise excellent Beacon Decals Battle of Britain Hurricane set in good faith, choosing what were labelled as 56 Squadron codes but which were actually 152 Squadron codes. Now, this wouldn't matter much to me except for the fact that 152 (Hyderabad) Squadron flew Spitfires.


Anyway, I've finally resolved to sort this one out. I'm going to paint over the U of the UM then carefully add a T to form a TM code. This would turn my misfits into 504 (City of Nottingham) Squadron. If all goes according to plan (?) this should be an elegant solution to the problem. I hope?

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