Tuesday, 21 February 2012

AK47 Game Report

A well deserved Zumatan victory!

Mbote gunship strafes Zumatan bridgehead (just before it gets shot down)

Mbote border guards surrounded by Zumatans!

Zumatan armour gets pasted by Mbote SPAA

Mbote militia race to the rescue

The close assault bloodbath

Zumatan LZ at the Mpongo Gold Mine

The AK47 battle at the club this evening was a bit of a debacle for the Mbote defenders. In fact, it was a complete disaster. The outcome was 104 points to Jon and a pathetic 22 to me, resulting in an overwhelming victory for Dr Kenko Gold and his Zumatan forces of aggression (the M.O.B. army wasn't quite ready for action, so it was business as usual for the Zumata / Mbote border dispute).

It was one of those wierd games, where nothing goes as you expect and things turn on the roll of a D6 more often than not. I made some bad tactical decisions and had some dodgy dice rolls. I only got one unit onto the table to start with and that was quickly wiped out by the four units that the Zumatans managed to deploy. When I did get the rest of my stuff on it arrived in one go. However, I made the mistake of splitting it into four seperate columns of attack. This meant that each of the units got hit in turn and seriously damaged, if not blown to smithereens.

On the plus side, we tried out the rules for close assault for the first time, which proved to be quite bloody but effective. We also used the hex terrain to block line of site and add some interesting angles to the game. The table did ended up looking a bit over stuffed, however, once all the burning wreckage started to litter the objectives. It looked good to start with but the battlefield was a bit of a mess by the end of play, to say the least.

I think I need to use more armour next time and ditch the helicopter gunship, which was pretty useless. I also need to field a decent professional infantry unit to add a bit of elite firepower, although I'll need to paint the bases that I've prepared first. I also think some buildings would add something to the game, so I'm going to scratchbuild half a dozen or so this weekend if I can find the time. I quite like the idea of some shops, a few houses and a shanty town but I need to be realistic given the time I have to knock them out.

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