Sunday, 19 February 2012

Burma Tanks

The QRF M3 Lee tanks turned up in the post over the holiday and very nice they are too. I like the QRF models even though you need to be a little careful when you pick and choose from the various ranges. Some of the older castings are a bit dodgy but the newer ones are very good, so I'm a happy shopper and a bit of a QRF enthusiast given the massive range of stuff on offer.

The QRF Japanese range is a case in point, with particular reference to the dodgy looking road wheels on the tanks, although the artillery looks really good. To fill in the armour  gap in the IABSM Burma project I've decided, as a result, to go for the Skytrex Type 97 Chi Ha instead, with the added bonus of a 20% off discount at the moment.

Scratch and Sniff
I'm on a budget due to the half term break but have splashed out on three tanks which is a bit generous really, given that most of them were well out of action by late 1944. I'd rather have Type 95 Ha Go but, as no one seems to make them in 15mm, I'm happy with the Chi Ha as they were around in the Arakan and remind me of the old Airfix kit version too (great box art on that one!). 

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