Monday, 6 February 2012

Saurian Safari Steam Machine Finished

One of my sons is ill today so I've been off work to look after him. He fell asleep this morning so I got some time in on the Victorian dinosaur hunting steam contraption and have managed to finish it off. Yesterday, I added some vision ports to the cupola using some leftover Ork gun sights that my eldest son had in his spares box, before undercoating the thing in matt black spray.

This morning I gave it a drybrush of Foundry Charcoal Grey and Charcoal Grey Light, followed by a highlight of Foundry Arctic Grey Shade. I then washed the model in future based gunge and drybrush weathered the area around the base of the hull in three stages of Foundry Rawhide. I was thinking about basing it but it's such a wide model that I don't think it would look right.

I tried to find some decals to add a bit of colour but all I had was a small union flag, which I put on one of the doors. I did think of slapping WW1 German crosses all over it but that seemed a little too teutonic and, anyway, most of my dinosaur hunting participants are British players and gentlemen, so it wouldn't have been a popular option. 

It's a bit basic but at least I'll be able to try out the rules that I have written for Saurian Safari.


  1. A elegant model, to be sure. I'm glad to see it doesn't mount some ghastly cannon - that kind of thing is hardly sportin' for the dinosaurs, what?

  2. I like it! If you want a bit more colour you could add some brown dust weathering and even some big claw marks showing through some bare metal.