Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Saurian Swashbucklers Game

The pirates versus dinosaurs game was a success this evening, although I'll be tweaking some of the rules for the heavier weapons to limit their range and increase their loading time. The swivel gun and, to a lesser extent, the blunderbuss were particularly effective, so need to be toned down a bit. The ship's cannons were also used against a particularly recalcitrant styracosaurus, with fairly predictable results.

In the end, the pirates lost one crewman to a velociraptor attack but located the treasure and carried it safely back to their waiting rowing boat. In the process, they blew up the aforementioned styracosaurus, a carnotaurus, several comsognathus and three velociraptors. They also survived the attention of the aforementioned beasties, although there were some rather nasty bites inflicted by the dino-chickens.

Arrgh matey.


  1. Sounds like a load of fun AND looks great!

    You're right in saying that some tweaks may be required - it sounds too one-sided. Remembering the velociraptors from Jurassic Park I'm amazed any pirates survived, let alone carry a heavy treasure chest back to the boat!

  2. Great looking table and an interesting way to use the Hexon Terrain especially using the gravel to create a beach/slope.

  3. Great game ! Looks very fun ! Love the Island .