Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Prehistoric Pirates

I have organised a game of Saurian Safari at the club next Tuesday but with a bit of an unusual plot twist. As my 28mm pirates have been on the beach for six months or so, after my swashbuckling opponent Jon sold off his scurvy crew, I though I'd dig them out and use them for a spot of treaure hunting on a mysterious deserted tropical island.

The island will, of course, be inhabited by a selection of prehistoric beasties, which will proceed to squish, chew, mangle and otherwise dispose of the pirates as they search for buried treasure. I'm now working on some rules for black powder weapons and the like for Saurian Safari, together with some extra rules for treasure hunting based on a Legends of the High Seas scenario I played last year.

I now have to construct a couple of rowing boats from card and balsa so that the crew can get ashore from the sloop that will be anchored off the island. The sloop itself I scratchbuilt last year and has already seen some action. The island will be put together using the expanding club collection of Hexon terrain, which now includes some hills and peaks, together with my existing jungle plants and scatter.

I'm looking forward to it, as it'll be a bit different and should be a bit of a laugh. If the pirates get eaten early in the proceedings, I'll be bringing along some proper dinosaur hunting figures from the Back of Beyond collection, so that the game can continue in a more conventional way. In the meantime, while I wait for the Pendraken 10mm Italian figures to arrive in the post, it's back to the workbench to get scratchbuilding those boats.


  1. I like the Hexon terrain because the weight of the pieces presses the edges down onto the board unlike the way polysyrene hills often turn up or "float" at the edges.