Monday, 6 February 2012

BKC Aegean Campaign [9]

I got round to basing up the second infantry battalion, its support platoons and some artillery pieces this evening. The infantry will form the Alpini mountain battalion for the battlegroup, although they'll look pretty much identical to the other regular units. I'm thinking about adding a few extra rocks to their bases to differentiate them from the others as mountain troops.

Neat eh?

I've also based up three 100m Obice 17 artillery pieces and three SPA TL 37 gun tractors, all from the excellent Pithead range. These will be off board for most games but they're really nice models so I thought why not? I've also added a couple of Pendraken L3/35 flamethrower tankettes for infantry support.

I'm now running out of crew figures and need to find some more to fill out the ranks of the paratroop battalion that's up next. I have some Pendraken WW2 US figures that might do, with a bit of headswappng and some filing to make the helmets similar to the paratroop ones. It's worth a try.


  1. Hi Jim,
    I hope your son is OK.
    Have a little chap myself and always sad to hear of a little one being unwell.
    Shouldn't that steam-tank thingy of yours have a chimney of some sort? (Letting off steam, so to speak?)
    I will miss the AK47 updates - did you ever complete the other ships?

  2. Thanks Shane,

    He's fine now.

    The steam tank jas two little vents on the roof instead of a chimney (less likely to break off).
    The AK47 project will be making a re-appearance sometime this year, infact, I have a game in a couple of weeks. I may even build that second patrol boat one day!