Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Burma Bookshelf Overload

I've added one (final?) volume to the reading list for the 15mm IABSM Burma project and it's Defeat into Victory, the autobiographical account of the campaign by Field Marshall William 'Bill' Slim. It's a bit of a must read for the project but will have to wait until I've cleared my way through some of the less voluminous titles in the collection.

I'm off to Suffolk on holiday next week so will be taking one or two good books along for some self indulgent reading practise. I'll also be taking the IABSM 3 rules too so that I can read them through properly before I decide on the exact format of the units I'll be painting up, whenever I get round to it. I'm also hoping to find some good second hand bookshops that I can raid for useful stuff.

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