Friday, 3 February 2012

Too Fat Lardies Burma Specials

The cold weather and a couple of evening meetings this last week have effectively put the scuppers on any painting or basing in the last few days. It was -9C in the garage last night so discretion took the better part of valour and I retired from the icy workbench to the sitting room instead. I didn't waste the time, however, as I spent an hour or so trawling through back issues of the Too Fat Lardies Specials in search of IABSM articles for Burma.

I wasn't disapppointed either, having turned up two cracking articles, one a guide to late war Burma games using TW&T / IABSM and the other a couple of linked scenarios for Imphal - Kohima. The two relevant issues are the Christmans Special 2008 and the Summer Special 2005.

The first contains the Banzai! article by Richard Morrill, which is a mine of useful information including ToE's, special rules and guidelines for converting IABSM to the 1943-45 Burma Campaign. The second contains Night and Day at Imphal by Rob Avery, which consists of a set of detailed fictitious scenarios set around Wireless Hill.

Both are great and have given me further ideas and inspiration for the 15mm Burma project.

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