Saturday, 18 February 2012

Back Home Again

We got home earlier this afternoon after a very enjoyable holiday to Suffolk, even though I've had a bug for the whole week and am now suffering as a result. We spent most days on trips to various historical places including Sutton Hoo, Orford Castle and Framlingham Castle, which were very interesting. The highlight of the week for me was a trip to the IWM museum at Duxford, which was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the workshops where I took loads of close up photos of the various classic fighters that were being restored or maintained. Very, very cool.


  1. I love Duxford. Top, top destination.

  2. I went there about 10 years ago and loved it!

  3. Welcome back Jim!!
    One week in cyberspace is a long time!

  4. The kids and I went there a few years back, the day before the Goodwood festival, so a lot of the aircraft that were going to Goodwood were practicing their displays. I think we had 9 Spitfires, a Hawk, Bearcat, two Mustangs and a half dozen other types I can't remember in the air. It was alovely bonus for a lovely day out (plus the kids and I got a ride in a Dragon Rapide, which was the icing on the cake!)