Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back of Beyond Campaign Big Game

Campaign One Big Game

Campaign Two Big Game
Campaign Three Big Game?

At the end of each Back of Beyond campaign I've always organised a big multiplayer finale, incorporating the various factions and a few extras so that non-campaign gamers can get involved. The game usually involves an assault on the defences of Kashgar which are garrisoned by my Bolshevik army and whatever rag tag units I can scrape together from the club players.

This year I'm planning to combine all of the four or five campaign forces into one multi-national assault force, consisting of four hundred points of troops per player. This will allow me to beef up the defenders to match, using a combination of field fortifications, artillery, air power and my armoured train. I'm working on the details but I reckon on about 2000+ points worth of defences, once I sort out the various units at my disposal.

I'll need to complete my armoured train and build some track to go with it. I'll also need to scratchbuild a simple wooden bridge and a blown up version of the same, as this will feature as one of the obstacles for the attackers to negotiate. I may also finish off a 1/48th scale Ansaldo SVA5 biplane that I've had knocking about for a few years, to boost the ground attack capabilities of the Reds.

The date for this extravaganza is yet to be decided but it's looking like the latter half of April at the earliest.


  1. Oh Wow! Now this looks like fun; you have an armoured train! I can't wait to see the bridge in both its forms, just sounds great.

  2. Who makes the armored train? Or is it scratch-built?

  3. I think that Back of Beyond games really lend themselves to campaign games. Great that you went for an 'all out' game at the end of the campaign.


  4. The armoured train in the photos is a scratchbuild by a mate of mine who, unfortunately, had to sell it a few months ago when he needed some funds to fix his bike.

    The train for the big game this year is a scratchbuilt one by me, although it needs finishing off.

  5. Sounds like fun! looking forward to the updates.