Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bag The Panther

In a change of plan, I decided to prepare a selection of US Navy and Marines aircraft for Bag the MiG this evening, instead of the RAAF Meteors that I originally planned to tackle. It's mainly down to my soft spot for the F9F Panther, which is such a classic aircraft that I couldn't leave them out. As a result, I also had to have some Corsairs and Banshees, with a couple of Tigercats for good measure.

They all need to have magnets added but otherwise are ready to paint up. I have magnet based the B29's and the Il-10m's, however, along with a lone FAC Stinson Sentinel, which will make a useful addition for potential scenarios. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get the magnets attached to the naval stuff then crack on with a few extra bits and bobs.

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